my first time smoking cannabis

My First Time Smoking Cannabis

It was a Saturday morning like every other when I decided to have my very first cannabis experience. Smoking has always been a vice I never considered revisiting, but I just couldn’t evade the allure of a new experience. Cannabis had always been some sort of a taboo growing up, with adults demonizing it with every derogatory word known to man. It was clear from childhood, we had to stay away from the plant as it puts our minds in peril once in it’s grip. Smokers of the plant were termed misfits and vandals.

My first puff was as predictable as a human’s mortality, characterized by coughing, watery eyes and weak knees. What ensued, I cannot properly describe. I immediately was ejected from the normal realm and for the first time in forever, I could truly be objective and actually see the world from a different angle. Sounds corny asf… but true nonetheless. The immense euphoria and laughter that accompanied can not be ignored as it almost gave me a back spasm.

15 minutes in and a wave of “information” hit me like wave on a shore. Every abstract thought process, from the importance of Religion to trying to understand Einstein’s mindset flooded my brain. Unable to process information of this magnitude, I was overwhelmed and swept in euphoria and laughter. I vaguely remember solving basically every theoretical problem within the confines of my mind and being absolutely convinced I was right.

20 minutes in, I was somehow fully convinced cannabis was the best plant known to man. How could something as abstract as a plant unlock parts of your brain you never knew existed. How could you suddenly in a couple of puffs, achieve an unprecedented level of objectivity, relaxation, and self awareness? Countless questions popped up. I ended the day with a stance contrary to the one I started with. Maybe cannabis isn’t all that bad, maybe in moderation it becomes a viable option.

A question lingered after the experience, will you have a second try?” Let me know your experiences in the comments section.

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